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News – “Coyote spotted outside Medford fast food restaurant”

whdh.comMEDFORD, MA (WHDH) – The Wendy’s drive-thru in Medford got a visit from an unwelcome guest. Cell phone video captured the moment a coyote approached a person leaving the restaurant—and it’s not the first time.

Additional cell phone video from the same spot shows a coyote almost coming right up to the restaurant’s door.

Employees told 7News it is a common sight, and they’ve seen as many as three coyotes in the parking lot at once.

Medford Police say they have issued a warning to be on the lookout for the coyotes. They said there is not one specific spot the animals are gathering.

Police say it’s not uncommon to see the animals, and they are not dangerous unless they are sick.

Coyotes gathering around at a Wendy’s guess what… that’s their Wendys’ now dems are the rules.


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