News – “This Is What Happens When You Try To Fuel Your Car With Coca-Cola [WATCH]”

foodbeast.comWith the costs of gasoline as high as they are and emissions being a global warming concern, we’re always searching for the next fuel alternative out there. As a result, folks have made their biofuels out of things ranging from corn to McDonald’s leftover fryer oil. Recently, one YouTuber decided to test out Coca-Cola as a new theoretical gasoline replacement.


In the video, YouTube user TechRax attempted to partially fill the tank of his 2003 BMW 325i wagon with a 2-liter Coca-Cola bottle. Some gasoline was already in the car, but TechRax wanted to see how the Coke would fare as well. After filling it up, he took the car out for a test drive.


While the drive went smoothly at first, the vehicle sputtered out and broke down after just a few minutes of driving. TechRax did note a fizzy sound, likely from the carbonation, coming out his car partway through the ride.


At a repair shop, TechRax discovered that the Coca-Cola car fuel experiment was a failure. He had caused more destruction to the car than what it was worth, with the fuel pump and filter both needing replacement at the least. Between the assessment and initial damages, repairs came out to over $1500 easily (the car initially cost $1000). And that was before the repairman had time to check the engine for further potential damage.


Based on that, it unfortunately looks like Coke won’t be a potential fuel substitute. You also probably don’t want to try to replicate TechRax’s experiment at home, considering he basically killed his car in the name of science.

Yeaaaaa thanks for the research and destroying your car in the name of science TechRax!

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