JG Original: #TBT The Breakfast Dagwood

On this week’s throwback Thursday post we’re going to reminisce a little about the Breakfast Dagwood sandwich from Denny’s. A sandwich so iconic and delicious that people have made tribute videos…

and also dedicated a Facebook page in efforts to bring it back to the menu. I first discovered this bad boy around my senior year in high school back in 2003. It was so good that one by one I started putting all my friends onto it’s artery clogging glory, me and Jamiel actually turned it into a Christmas eve tradition for like 3 years in a row. Than just like my hairline it was snatched away from me far too soon. They’ve rolled out some other items similar to the Dagwood but they’ll never compare.

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This beauty was named after Dagwood Bumstead from the Blondie comic strip. It was good any time but was the perfect late night / after the bar sandwich consisting of scrambled eggs with sausage in them, bacon,Canadian bacon, and cheese all on a toasted kaiser roll. Pair that with their seasoned french fries and you have yourself the most delicious heart burn sandwich around. I did some research and I can’t actually find a reason why they took it off the menu (one can only assume it was for health reasons) but I did find this while reading about the comic Dagwood sandwich from which it got it’s name:

  • Denny’s in the early 2000s offered their breakfast dagwood;[7] it was over a thousand calories worth of food.[8] It was later removed from their menu.

You read that right…over a 1,000 calories worth of food….and worth every single damn one. Salute to you Dagwood!

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