News – “Subway’s 5 Dollar Footlong Returns Next Year, But Franchisees Are Protesting It”

foodbeast.comIn an increasingly competitive and resurgent value menu market, Subway, one of the champions of cheapness in the past, has yet to officially announce any deals of their own. However, the New York Post has learned that Subway is planning to bring back their $5 Footlong, much to the chagrin of several franchisees.


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According to a memo obtained by the New York Post, Subway is concerned that it’s no longer seen as a bargain compared to main rival McDonald’s, who recently unveiled their own dollar menu reboot. The footlong deal is meant to help correct that issue, but as the five dollar footlong returns to stores next year, franchisees are protesting.

I don’t frequent Subways but this is good news for those of you that do I guess.

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