News – “Underdog McDonald’s is defying ridicule to become the ultimate fast-food burger chain” – As the restaurant industry has floundered in 2017, a few major players have triumphed. 

Prime among these is McDonald’s — a chain so dominant, that its success sends shockwaves throughout the rest of the industry. 

However, McDonald’s newfound swagger was far from guaranteed. In 2015, McDonald’s was struggling to substantially grow sales, especially in the US.

Introducing all-day breakfast in late 2015 helped kick off a turnaround. However, concerns remained that all-day breakfast was a single platform that could be boosting sales, while pre-existing issues festered unaddressed. 

2017 was the year those fears were put to rest. 

In late October, McDonald’s achieved its third quarter of McDonald’s US comparable sales growth, and the ninth quarter of global comparable sales growth. Over the last two years, same-store sales have increased 5.4% in the US, according to UBS. 

See cats been coming with the jokes for the Golden Arches and all they do is keep on winning.


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