News – “Your favorite Starbucks holiday drinks, ranked by calories”

Starbucks in December is a winter wonderland for coffee lovers who can’t get enough of warm drinks that taste like the holidays. But if you’re indulging in a little caffeinated cheer, beware: some of these drinks will cost you 500 calories or more – around the same amount of calories as a Big Mac sandwich.

INSIDER ranked the Starbucks holiday drinks from most to least calories so you can be better-informed when making your morning coffee decision.

Keep scrolling to find out the unhealthiest drinks on this limited-edition festive Starbucks menu.

Unless otherwise stated, all nutrition facts below are for grande-sized beverages made with whole milk.

My philosophy as a strength and conditioning professional, when it comes to nutrition, is only skinny bastards trying to gain weight should be counting calories. If you ever stressed out about calories, as a way to lose weight, you’re stressing out over nothing. (shameless plug, if you have questions, hit me up). But for those who worry about how many calories are in certain things, here is your holiday guidelines to Starbuck’s beverages. Happy Holidays.

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