News – “FIT&FAB: Beating the Christmas food ‘temptation'”’s five days to Christmas and feelings of excitement abound.

This is the season of catching up with family which will most probably be over an elaborate meal of chapati, chicken, pilau, nyama choma, you name it.

And I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you are starting on a new diet, this month is the least opportune time.


Buffet invitations will work against your resolve since you don’t want to be referred to as that “stuck-up” guest who only served lettuce and two pieces of lean meat on her plate.

But does that mean you have to indulge in reckless abandon this festive season? Certainly not!

Let me share with you my first experience of Christmas as a fitness advocate: I vividly remember how different my Christmas was in 2015.

I had begun shedding weight around September and within three months, I had lost close to 20 kilograms with a notable difference in my physical appearance.

I’m just trying to help the people out, cause lord knows I’m going in tomorrow

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