News – “Personal trainers list the Christmas food and drinks you should always avoid” – Working out means you can eat anything you want right? Wrong.

We asked personal trainers if there are any holiday foods we should avoid at all costs, even if we’re planning to spend a lot of time in the gym.

Unfortunately, there are – and some of the responses are pretty surprising.

Also, be warned, if you decide to follow their advice, your entire Christmas plate may be off limits.

According to Rob Arreaga, a personal trainer at Equinox, there are three foods that he would never allow to pass his lips. And he holds his clients to the same standards.

For Rob, eggnog, glazed ham, and sugar cookies are a no-go.

Jared, a personal trainer at Crunch, had some pretty upsetting news for dessert lovers – you should avoid pie at all costs. And just because it has pumpkin doesn’t mean it is healthy.

Pie can be loaded with hidden sugars

According to Jared, “pecan pie has approximately 500 calories a slice.” And you should “really stay away from candy canes.”

Well I don’t mess with a lot of these things anyway so does that mean ima be shirtless all summer ’18?!

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