News – “This Pizza Hut Employee Was Fired After Writing A Dirty Joke On A Pizza Box” – “The customer is always right” is a phrase that retail workers have become far too familiar with since the phrase was first coined in the early 1900s. But, to people using the #JusticeForPizzaGirl hashtag on Twitter, that logic doesn’t seem to apply here, since users on the app are currently voicing their outrage following the termination of a Pizza Hut employee who wrote a dirty joke on a customer’s pizza box.


The unnamed employee was let go from a Pizza Hut in Stafford, Virginia after a customer discovered the inappropriate joke that was written on the box, per her teenage sons’ request.

According to Virginia’s WJLA, the mother’s 12-year-old and a 15-year-old sons ordered the pizza online and asked for a joke to be delivered with it, though a joke of this nature probably isn’t at all what they were expecting. The joke in question was written in silver Sharpie on the inside of the box.

“What do a pizza delivery driver and a gynocologist [sic] have in common,” the joke asks. “They both have to smell it, but neither of them get to eat it.”

Upon discovering the joke, the parent — whose name WJLA is now keeping anonymous because of cyberbullies — complained to management and posted a photo of the box on social media.

She was simply doing her job and delivering the customer their request! #Justiceforpizzagirl 

All jokes aside I prob would have died laughing if I found that written on the inside of my pizza box


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