News – “Uber’s food-delivery company is outgrowing the taxi business in some cities” – Uber’s food-delivery business is called UberEats.

  • It was born in Los Angeles in 2013 and is on target to take $3 billion in sales, according to a recent report in the Financial Times.
  • Toussaint Wattinne, an UberEats general manager, told Business Insider how the subsidiary had become such a success so quickly.

Uber’s fast-growing food-delivery business is now bigger and more important than Uber’s conventional taxi business in numerous cities across the world.

Uber told Business Insider that UberEats was bigger than Uber’s transportation app in 19 European cities, and Toussaint Wattinne, a general manager for UberEats in London, described UberEats as among the world’s fastest-growing food-delivery services.

“When we attribute our growth and try to improve our service, the first thing that plays a big role is the restaurant selection we’re able to provide,” Wattinne said at Uber’s London office in the Aldgate neighborhood. The office has about 45 UberEats employees, a figure that is expected to grow by about 50% in 2018.

Fueled by the billions of dollars that Uber has raised from investors, UberEats operates in more than 30 countries. The UK is one of the largest geographical markets for UberEats, Wattinne said, adding that the service was live in 40 UK cities.

“We’ve partnered with over 8,000 restaurants now in the UK,” he said. “The most popular brands on the platform range from McDonald’s to Duck and Waffle to Pret and Prezzo. Being able to offer those restaurants is a key factor in people not only downloading the app and testing it for the first time but coming more often. As we grow this selection we see that people come to the app more often.”

Wattinne added: “The second thing we look at is how quick and how reliable we are when we deliver your food. And so typically that’s a strength of ours given our history of the logistics and the technology that we have in that regard. We are able to deliver — London is one of the fastest cities in the world — in under 25 minutes on most occasions.”

UberEats is bigger than Uber in Milan, Madrid, and Grenoble

UberEats now brings in more revenue than Uber’s ride-hailing business in cities like Milan, Madrid, and Grenoble, France — three European cities where the business has doubled in size since launch.

This isn’t surprising if you think about it this way…people are lazy as hell, love convenience and love food. Combine it all and you have UberEats out gaining Uber in revenue.

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