JG Original: #TBT Frutopia

Ahhh another Thursday another trip down memory lane for ya boy. On this edition of #TBT we have one of the most popular beverages of my youth, Fruitopia.  This delightful sugar drank was the go to for almost every kid in my school, my flavor was Strawberry Passion but they were all pretty good. Coca-Cola rolled this out within 1994 to try and battle Snapple, their bottles even looked the same.

They had some phenomenal hippie marketing also.

 pie marketing also.

This blog does a great job summarizing the history and the grooviness that was Fruitopia:

3. Just Let The Fruit Wash Over You

Ah yes, but while Snapple was portraying itself in a more mainstream way, Fruitopia went after the hippy-dippy market. Hard. Commercials came out with kaleidoscopes of colors, earthy music and text declaring, “If your mouth can’t say something nice, put something nice in it.”

Groovy, man…but, you know, in a cynical, self-aware way.

Shoutout to you Fruitopia for holding me down on many a mall and arcade trip!
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