News – “You Could Get A Free Burger King Croissan’wich Thanks To BOGO Lawsuit Settlement”

foodbeast.comEarlier this year, a woman filed a class action lawsuit against Burger King claiming that they were up-charging customers for a 2-for-1 Croissan’wich deal. It appears as if she’s won her case, as the King and the woman suing the chain agreed to settle, and you could get free food as a result.


The BOGO lawsuit settlement doesn’t acknowledge that Burger King did anything wrong, nor has the court decided who was right in the case. However, for Koleta Anderson and her legal team, it marks a huge win that entitles anybody who utilized the same deals she did to a refund.



Anderson had initially filed the suit in May after realizing that she paid significantly less for a single Croissan’wich than for two with a BOGO coupon. In one case, she paid a buck for one sandwich, but paid $4.61 for two after redeeming the coupon.


It’s not just Anderson who gets a win here, however. As part of the settlement, anyone nationwide who qualifies for reimbursement may receive some money from Burger King. According to a press release, the terms of qualification are as follows:


“You may be included in the settlement if, during October 1, 2015 and May 19, 2017 (the “Class Period”), you purchased two or more modified CROISSAN’WICH® breakfast sandwiches (without egg, cheese and/or a meat) from a BURGER KING® restaurant, redeemed a BOGO coupon in connection with the purchase, and paid more than the amount that restaurant was charging at the time for a single, unmodified, higher-priced Croissan’wich you ordered.”


Can’t knock the hustle I suppose 

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