News – “The easiest way to get free food at 10 of your favorite fast food restaurants” – If you regularly eat at fast food chains, you could save some serious cash by joining their rewards programs.

  • Starbucks’ app, for example, allows you to earn points on purchases that go towards free drinks and bakery items.
  • At Red Robin, you’ll get a free burger on your birthday as part of the rewards program.

If you love popular food chains like Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, and Domino’s Pizza, you’re missing out if you haven’t downloaded their apps and joined their rewards programs.

From free food and beverages on your birthday to points that can be used towards future purchases, these rewards programs will help you save some serious cash if you are a frequent customer.

Keep reading for 10 food chain rewards programs you need to sign up for immediately.

Gotta love articles giving advice on how to get free shit! 
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