News – “3 ways to cook a special New Year’s Eve dinner at home” – If you’re dining in for New Year’s Eve, we’ve got a few recipes in mind that’ll make it special. We’ve kept the menus brief, but they’d benefit from the addition of some greenery (perhaps this Chicory Salad With Roasted Grapes), small bites (such as these simple Olives With Citrus Zests and Fried Herbs) or something sweet (Earl Grey White Chocolate Truffles are a sophisticated way to go).

Feel free to mix and match dishes to suit your (or your guests’) tastes.

 If you’d like to splurge

(Renee Comet for The Washington Post)

Soft Scrambled Stuffed Gougères With Smoked Trout. Salmon roe makes almost anything feel extravagant, don’t you think?

(Jennifer Chase for The Washington Post)

Beef Carpaccio Salad With Citrus-Chile Dressing. Get the best beef you can get your hands on; if you serve it with plenty of crusty bread, this could satisfy more than two.

Just because you’re kicking it at the crib being washed (like I’m doing) doesn’t mean you can’t end 2017 with a banging meal!

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