News – “‘King Tut as cheesesteak’ pic goes viral in the Middle East” – What do a sacred sarcophagus and a sandwich have in common? Pretty much nothing (ew — let’s not go there).

Nevertheless, when you glance at a photo collage of King Tutankhamun currently circulating online, it’s pretty hard not to notice the similarity. In the image in question, the remains of the Egyptian boy king look a hell of a lot like fried meat stuffed into a hoagie roll.

No disrespect intended, but if you’re from Philly, you could easily mistake the famous mummy for a cheesesteak.

Philadelphia actor and illusionist Chris Carlin — who friends admiringly describe as “basically a professional internet troll” — might have been the first to posit the comparison.

“Pffft king tut goin on 3,358 lookin like a cheesesteak,” he wrote in a Christmas Day Facebook post. (He originally found the image on “one of the meme groups I’m in,” he told Billy Penn.)

Commenters overwhelmingly agreed with his observation: “I thought that was a cheesesteak.” “Definitely thought this was an oversized cheesesteak at first going into an oven.” “I thought you were holding up a cheesesteak to an MRI machine.”

LOOOOOOL Why does King Tut look like I can throw some grilled onions and some wiz on him and have a delicious feast yo?!

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