News – “Delicious New Year’s Eve traditions” – The first time my parents left my brother and me alone overnight, it was New Year’s Eve. Being the wild-eyed, raucous partiers that we were, we celebrated our freedom by watching one of those countdown shows on television, popping a batch of popcorn and drinking Dr Pepper.

And thus was a tradition born. For the next several years, we observed New Year’s Eve, separately or together, with popcorn and Dr Pepper.

The point is that New Year’s Eve traditions are easy to make. But around the world, they seem to share a couple of themes.

Many cultures look to New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day as a time to hope for prosperity. That is why many cultures celebrate with a pot of beans or lentils, which, because there are so many of them in a serving, represent abundance.

Other cultures focus on the end-of-year, beginning-of-year theme of continuity, by specifically serving foods that are round.

I love reading about other people’s food cultures and traditions, it’s just so dope to me. It also reminds me of my own family traditions and that brings me back to simpler times…. even the smelly ones, like chitlins every NYE (Leer’s favorite tradition smh).

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