News – “Entrepreneurial Brothers From Algeria Launch Dynamic Pricing Food Delivery App In NYC” –  Gebni is a new restaurant food delivery app that applies dynamic pricing to determine discounts. Two entrepreneurial brothers based in New York City, Mohamed and Sidi Ahmed Merzouk, originally from Algeria, co-founded Gebni, which officially launched in February 2017.

For many harried city dwellers across the U.S., restaurant delivery is a necessary service. The Merzouk brothers discovered the convenience of restaurant delivery while living in Manhattan’s East Village.

“We started heavily relying on food delivery as a way to feed ourselves,” explains the eldest Merzouk brother, Mohamed at 28-years-old. At the time, he was a full time student earning his Master’s in Finance at Pace University while working, with vague notions of a Wall Street investment bank future, not a scrappy startup.


They loved Seamless and used it to order from local halal eateries and their favorite diner. “I always ordered Lox Benedict,” swoons 26-year-old Sidi Ahmed Merzouk, “even at night!” Pointing to his brother, S. A. Merzouk says, “He would tell me, ‘It’s a breakfast meal,’ I’m like, ‘I don’t care, I like it!’”

I love entrepreneurial success stories like this , really gets a mofo like me motivated…plus it’s a bonus that the app sound dope.

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