News – “These Are The 5 Food Trends Expected To Dominate In 2018” – Following the cycle of trend has always been a fickle business. One minute, your jeans are tight and slung low around your hips, and your phone is smaller than an amoeba’s pinky. Next minute, you’re traipsing around town in sock-less loafers, attempting to trap imaginary creatures with a phone the size of a tablet. 

Your food choices are no different. What you eat is also dictated by the ebb and flow of trend that has a unique ability to influence our choices, and fill our plates with unique tastes and textures, at a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it pace.

This year saw us tucking into tacos stuffed with fermented vegetables, salads made from seaweed, and non-alcoholic beverages. Next year, according to Clint Jaeger, Executive Chef of Seventeen in Sydney, will see a deepening of our understanding of food, and a larger focus on plating aesthetic. 


Here are five food trends you’re sure to be sampling in 2018, that will make for a very appetizing and appealing year ahead. 

1. Regionality


Most of the venues on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list boast a strong loyalty to showcasing regional food in a very distinctive way. As such, in 2018, consumers will be prone to seeking gourmet experiences which speak of a region’s heritage, and highlight local produce. 

I can do without the flower trend being a food trend but that’s just me , I’m all about some unique seasonings though.

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