News – “This Fondue Has A Fiery Secret! Would You Try It?”

delish.comSpoiler alert: it’s Fireball!

I never thought I would be able to say this, but I’m no stranger to cooking with Fireball. That’s right, the cinnamon flavored whiskey has made it into several of the recipes I’ve developed here at Delish. First there were the Fireball Apples, then came the meatballs, and most recently Fireball glazed-chicken pleasantly surprised us with it’s sweet and spicy sauce.


The latest and most challenging Fireball recipe surprised all of us in the test kitchen: fondue?! My coworkers had their doubts, but I knew you could Fireball anything if you set your mind to it. My fondue research led me down a long path of whiskey fondues, most involving either beer or wine.


In the end, I decided beer and Fireball seemed like a perfectly respectable combination for fondue, and paired them with both white and yellow cheddar. (A good pale ale + a good sharp cheddar = bliss.) I added a little hot sauce to kick up the Fireball’s spice, and let all the ingredients come to a simmer in a small pot. Served up with bread, apples, and veggies, it was a true hit in the kitchen. Haters to the left.

Damn, this sounds like a lit ass fondue!!

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