News – “The Secret Technique to Making the Best Sandwiches on Earth”

tasteofhome.comIf you ask me, sandwich-making is a true lifeskill. It can brighten up a desk lunch, make friends, maybe even win over enemies. But when was the last time you saw a sandwich recipe in a cookbook? I say, the snub must end!

Sandwich-building puts serious cooking principles to work—using great ingredients that are well-balanced, correctly sized, and placed in a certain order. In hopes of enriching your lunchtime and your culinary imagination, here is how I make my go-to sandwich.

How to Build the Best Sandwich Ever

Piece of sliced bread on a wooden countertop
Photo: Taste of Home
1. Choose a good bread

I start with an unsliced loaf of ciabatta (or another type, if they’re sold out) from a local baker. I find that pre-sliced bread gets too soggy too fast. You can also bake your own bread, if you are so inclined.

Piece of sliced bread on a wooden countertop
Photo: Taste of Home
2. Grab some mustard

After cutting the ciabatta loaf lengthwise, smear mustard on the bottom slice. But not just any mustard. I prefer a well-rounded mustard because it works best with the meat to come. Skip the creamy spreads here, because they can dull the flavor of the other ingredients (don’t worry, mayo and such come later). A good mustard, though, will add richness without competition. You’ll taste it best when it’s on the bottom, because it’s closest to your taste buds.

Start 2018 off on the right foot…. with a banging ass sandwich!

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