JG Original: #TBT Cookie Crisp with TMNT Cup / TMNT Cereal

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As you can see we’re going to keep the 80’s/90’s theme going with this weeks throwback Thursday post, Cookie Crisp with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mug. Full disclosure, I think Cookie Crisps are a trash cereal. The fucking cookies aren’t even good cookies! So you just end up with a bowl of below mediocre cookies just floating in milk, I even realized this as a kid man. HOWEVERRRRR I was the original hype beast way before these kids were beating each other up over sneakers and waiting in lines for a week for a t-shirt. Anything and I mean ANYTHING Ninja Turtles related me and Leer had to have, so when they dropped this “limited release” in 1989 you already know we we’re on it. Image result for ninja turtles cookie crisp cup

Me and this dude basically only ate Cookie Crisp for breakfast for like 3 months straight, all just to stay with a fresh ass green mug. In two years we would get some more TMNT swag in the form of a dope bowl but that came with a delicious Ninja Turtles cereal… check that good early 90’s marketing.


Salute to you late 80’s nostalgia!

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