News – “12 of the Weirdest ‘Adventure Time’ Food Moments” – Sandwiches, royal tarts, and the food chain all part of the series best food scenes and jokes.

Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time is a tale of a heroic young boy and his magical dog who protect the Land of Ooo. It’s also a tale of food—both familiar and fantastical—rife with smart, sometimes disgusting, but always funny references and jokes. From locations like the Breakfast Kingdom to characters like the Food Boys and an entire population of Candy People (essentially walking, talking treats) to Land of Ooo food like Super Porp soda and Finn Cakes, Adventure Time is in many ways, one giant animated menu of cartoon cuisine. That makes it hard to nail down some of the best bites, but like Finn and Jake always do, we gave it our all. Here are 12 memorable food moments from the popular animated series.

Royal Tarts and the Tart Toter

Described by Princess Bubblegum as the Kingdom of Ooo’s only taste sensation amazing enough to kill for, the Royal Tart is eaten at the sacred and annual “Back Rubbing Ceremony.” Jake and Finn are tasked with transporting the tarts from the Tartorium to the ceremony, and while it all goes awry, some tarts do end up making it, and Finn apologizes for not following Princess Bubblegum’s directions. Just as everyone is making up, the Kingdom’s old Tart Toter—a giant gingerbread man whose frosting is crumbling, teeth are falling out and has bites taken out of his body—appears. The ghoulish cookie asks everyone to “Eat my tarts?” before delivering a hilarious, near Shakespearean ode to the “cosmic dance of bursting decadence” that “twists all our arms collectively.” It’s a beautiful but bizarre soliloquy to tarts that mirrors many of Adventure Time’s oddly abrupt episode endings. 

Ok so I never watched Adventure Time even though I’ve heard nothing but great and hilarious things, now I think I have my work related excuse. I can also find out how this gif came about

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