News – “All of the Tragically Untouched Food on ‘The Bachelor’ Last Night” – Five years after he was dumped by Emily Maynard on national television, race car driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. has emerged from cryogenic sleep to assume his rightful mantle as The Bachelor.

A lot has changed since 2012 on this flaming, Earth-shaped piece of poop somebody left as a prank on God’s doorstep, but in the magical world that Chris Harrison has built for us out of rose petals and flat champagne, at least one thing has remained the same. The mouth-wateringly beautiful meals served on dates and in the Bachelor mansion almost always remain bafflingly untouched. Take this journey with a full heart and an empty stomach.

Week 1

uneaten food the bachelor ep 1 pb sandwich

Single mom Chelsea packs a peanut butter sandwich and veggie lunch for an unseen child who may or may not exist. (Wake up, sheeple.)

uneaten food the bachelor ep 1 curry

At Marikh’s Indian restaurant, her mother whips up a curry that I am easily more attracted to than any human man who as ever served as the Bachelor. The same goes for the giant pot of rice looming behind it, actually.

After reading this article I now kind of want to watch this train wreck… sorta kinda though.

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