News – “Literally Every Single Food Trend Predicted to Take Over 2018”

eater.comThis is the year for regional Mexican food, Earl Grey tea, and… “functional mushrooms”

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Food trends are fleeting, as anyone with a fondue set gathering dust in their kitchen cabinet can attest, yet every winter food companies, PR firms, and media outlets pull out their divining rods and assemble their predictions for what’s going to be big in food in the new year.

Outlets frequently often piggyback off each other, pulling from a list compiled by Whole Foods or McCormick spice company with a few rather broad additions from the National Restaurant Association that are easily recognizable by its outdated language (See: “authentic ethnic cuisine”). Others will draw on data-based observations from Pinterest or GrubHub.

There’s some consensus, for example, among forecasters that scientifically engineered plant-based proteins will be big in 2018 thanks to bleeding pseudomeat overlords like Beyond Meatand Impossible Foods. The world also doesn’t appear to be shedding activated charcoal foodanytime soon. Others pulled out some truly original ideas like the rise of Earl Grey tea — in what context is not exactly clear. Who knew that cottage cheese would be “the new Greek yogurt?”

Could it be that all of these trend prognostications are complete BS? Only time will tell. Without further adieu, here is the monster list of literally every single food and restaurant trend prediction for 2018.

Any year that Mexican cuisine is a top trending food is going to be a good year, let’s get after it 2018!

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