News – “Food as a cure”

victoriaadvocate.comHappy New Year!

The new year is a time for beginnings. It is a time for many to dedicate themselves to starting anew. It is a time for resolutions. It is a time to resolve to start that diet and begin that exercise program that is sure to transform us into the Greek gods we know are hidden deep – in my case very deep – within us.

As much as I like to make resolutions, I am horrible about keeping them. After a week of depriving myself of everything I like to eat, exercising with the abandon that is likely to produce more injuries than results and seeing no measurable change, I once again lapse into my comfort zone. Somewhere there must be a magic pill or newly discovered method that can put me in shape and help me lose the weight of a small farm animal.

I need inspiration. That’s where Chad Hall comes in.

Chad was born in eastern Kentucky and raised on a diet of fried foods. His family kept a can of bacon drippings on their stove to use for seasoning, and sugar was added to many dishes.

I’m takin all these new year diet articles as motivation to make sure I get rid of this Dad bod by summa ’18 #WaitOnIt

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