News – “General Mills Trolls Kellogg’s, Straight Up Snatches Frosted Flakes Name”

foodbeast.comThe pettiness is real over at General Mills as they lowkey trolled Kellogg’s with their new Lucky Charms cereal.


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 At first glance, you probably saw Junk Banter’s photo above, read “Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes,” and thought, “Oh, cool. Another food collab.” That couldn’t be further from the case.
 General Mills and Kellogg’s are well-known direct competitors, and GM had the audacity to use Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes name in its upcoming cereal.
 That would literally be like Frito-Lay releasing Flamin’ Hot Takis, or Burger King releasing a McWhopper.

Haha yeaaaaa this is some petty ass stuff right here, cause I absolutely thought it was a planned collab. WRONG , cereal brands just out here treating each other like record labels and shit.

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