News – “Buffet Owner Answers All The Buffet Questions Folks Have Been Dying To Ask”

foodbeast.comThe majority of us have visited a buffet at some point in our lives. As soon we’re seated, we sprint to the smorgasbord and pile our plates with mounds and mounds of food. Sitting there, shoveling food into our mouths, a bevy of buffet questions come to mind.

What’s the best thing to get? Is the seafood really fresh? Why are the desserts so tiny?


In a recent Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session, an owner operator of a large independent all-you-can-eat concept in the United States answered a ton of questions the Internet had been dying to know about the buffet industry.


Some of the questions include topics such as foods to avoid, nightmarish customers, and what happens to leftovers after the doors close for the evening.


 Do you understand how many buffet crab legs I’ve put down in my 32 years?! I’ll be motherfuckin damned. I’ll have to pass this a long to my buffet crab leg devouring compadres aka @bigalbsure and @crustaceanbacote
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