News – “What’s hot in food for 2018” – Doughnuts with non-traditional fillings, “goth foods” and ethnic-inspired kids’ dishes are in, while meal kits, flavored popcorn and fried chickpeas are on their way out.

Well, that is, if you believe what’s expected to be at the top, and bottom, of food fashion in 2018.

A new year always brings in a new wave of emerging culinary trends as well as suggestions of foods and dishes that are starting to tire.  

Instead of looking into the crystal ball to see what will be popular on plates this year, we turned to some culinary prognosticators.

We scanned lists compiled by trend watchers to see what food and beverage items are expected to make diners hungry in 2018. Some have already gained a foothold in our area.

The National Restaurant Association recently shared its top 20 food trends expected to be hot in 2018. The organization surveyed 700 American Culinary Federation members this past October and November and asked them to rate 161 items as a “hot trend,” “yesterday’s news,” or “perennial favorite” on menus in 2018. 

Menu trends that will be heating up this year include doughnuts with non-traditional fillings like liqueur and Earl Grey creams, ethnic-inspired kids’ dishes such as tacos, teriyaki and sushi along with farm/estate-branded items and heritage-breed meats.

Trends that are cooling down, according to the National Restaurant Association, include artisan cheeses, heirloom fruits and vegetables, housemade charcuterie and savory desserts.


Way tired trends include meals in mason jars, offal, bitter melon, algae, spiralized vegetables, pumpkin spice, flavored popcorn, egg-white omelets/ sandwiches, fried chickpeas and black/forbidden rice.

Still, some foods never go out of style. Perennial favorites include shellfish, barbecue, bacon, comfort food, gelato, hand-made pasta, breakfast burritos/tacos, Mediterranean flavors and breakfast hash.

Every “2018 food trend” article makes me so excited to eat in 2018, every single trend that gets mentioned sounds delicious as fuck to me.

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