News – “Attention Pot Smokers: This Fast-Food Giant Has a Meal Deal for You”

fool.comBig companies are paying close attention to California’s multibillion-dollar marijuana market.

 Marijuana might be illegal at the federal level in the United States, but it’s nonetheless among the fastest-growing industries in the country. According to Marijuana Business Daily’s latest report, “Marijuana Business Factbook 2017,” the U.S. legal weed industry is expected to see sales grow by approximately 45% in 2018. Between 2016 and 2021, aggregate sales growth for legal pot should quadruple to about $17 billion. This sales growth is a big reason why investors have jumped into marijuana stocks despite the risks of the drug remaining federally illegal.
Another critical catalyst has been the steady shift in the way the American public views marijuana. What was once a taboo topic that few discussed is now a topic that can be covered at the dinner table, as well as by politicians on the campaign trail. According to national pollster Gallup, 64% of respondents in its Oct. 2017 survey favored the idea of legalizing marijuana in the United States, which compares to just 25% who felt the same way in 1995, the year before California became the first state to legalize medical cannabis for compassionate-use patients. 

Bet your ass all the smart fast food chains will be following right behind with this same strategy….to my hungry delight.

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