News – “Romaine lettuce is likely behind a spate of illnesses—but the FDA won’t say so yet” – A consumer safety group wants the US government to recommend Americans to stop eating one of the most basic ingredients in salads—at least temporarily.

Food safety experts at Consumer Reports this week called upon the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to suggest Americans avoid eating romaine lettuce until a pernicious E. coli outbreak can be sourced and dealt with.

In the past two months, at least 58 people have fallen ill from a single strain of E. coli that’s been found across Canada and in 13 US states. At least one person in Canada has died from the strain. The Canadian government, having identified romaine lettuce in retail and restaurants as the culprit of the illnesses, is advising its citizens in the eastern provinces to avoid that particular leafy green. Meanwhile, American officials investigating the food safety outbreak have not gone so far with a recommendation.

This is just my excuse to avoid salads or green things until further notice (insert Kanye West shrug) 

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