News – “Sugarfire Smokehouse Accuses Honey Pit Smokehouse of Photo Thievery”

fox2now.comSt. Louis barbecue titan Sugarfire Smokehouse is accusing the new competitor in town of stealing photos from its website — right down to the font on top of them.

In a letter sent by Clayton attorney Albert Watkins this morning, Sugarfire LLC demands that Honey Pit Smokehouse take down two photos on its website immediately.

The letter includes attachments strongly suggesting the photos on the two-week-old barbecue restaurant’s website were lifted from Sugarfire’s site — right down to the font on top of them.

“Truthfully speaking, we do not blame you for wanting to pilfer the images,” Watkins writes. “They are inducing salivary production at this very moment. However, it is essential that you make your own food and take your own pictures of it.”

Food beef is by far my favorite beef, mostly because of how hilarious they are. Real talk though, people may think these food pictures are just a click…. nah man all sorts of angles, lighting and positioning goes into it. Ok it’s still not hard work but still… it’s your work. Anyway… I’m going to keep track of this beef to see if there are any hilarious responses.

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