Grubbin Sports: College Football Championship Preview

2 down 1 to go to crown the champ and as predicted we have an all SEC contest. People can complain all they want about two SEC teams facing off against each other but the facts are that they are the two best teams. If you still want to argue for Ohio State go back and watch the Iowa and Oklahoma games. If you feel USC was robbed watch the Notre Dame game. Those two teams did not deserve to be in and Bama did. Okay enough of that rant. Let’s review the two semi final games and then preview this behemoth tonight.

Georgia 54 Oklahoma 48 (2OT)


This game was an absolute doozy. Oklahoma got off to a red hot start and made it look like the game was theirs early in the first half. So much so that Baker Mayfield was waving bye bye to the Georgia defenders. A botched squibb kick though late in the first half lead to a 55 yard field goal to give Georgia some momentum rolling into half time. Coming out of the half the Dawgs were just lights out and running the ball down Oklahoma’s throat. The Sooners went conservative and were completely out of their element. Baker thrives on the pedal to the metal mentality and that is what changed this game. A couple breaks go Georgia’s way and the game heads to overtime. Fast forward to a blocked field goal and that was all she wrote folks. Part 1 of the SEC story was in the books.

Alabama 24 Clemson 6

This game was ugly and ugly early. Clemson just couldn’t move the ball on Bama’s stout defense and the thought of Kelly Bryant being the next Deshaun Watson was squashed early. Actually both teams combined for only 450 yards which didn’t even get near Georgia or Oklahoma’s output as an individual team. So ugly in more ways than one. Bama just did what Bama does and thats play good defense and try not and turn the ball over offensively while making a few big plays. If you don’t give Jalen Hurts the opportunity to make a big mistake he won’t and thats exactly what Saban did. Textbook victory for the Tide.

Alabama (-3.5) vs Georgia

Bama is the favorite and rightfully so. Georgia’s defense was exposed against the Sooners but to be fair Oklahoma had the best offense in the country. That being said I don’t think Bama would have been shredded like that but I could be wrong after seeing what Clemson did the two previous years. Still I see Saban committing to shut down the run like Auburn did to Georgia and make the freshman Fromm beat you from the pocket. We all know mobile QB’s have given Bama fits in the past and Fromm isn’t that type. He can surely move in the pocket but he isn’t out running any of Bama’s linebackers even if they still are a little beat up at that position. The game is tight early with 13-10 Bama at the half. Tack on 2 more TD’s in the second half for the them and the Tide rolls to a 27-13 victory over Georgia. This won’t be the best looking game but it won’t be the worst either. Just good ole fashioned SEC football.

Enjoy the game everyone and thanks for listening to me ramble on about college football all year. I will be getting back to food news and reviews until the fall rolls back around but may drop a college football article out here or there if something tickles my blogging fancy. Thanks for reading and…..

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