News – “Doctor Says Evidence Behind ‘Bad Foods’ Is Flimsy, Advises To Eat What You Want”

foodbeast.comIt’s one thing to learn that swallowing gum isn’t that harmful, or that your stomach won’t explode by combining soda with Pop Rocks, but to suggest the nutritional information we’ve grown with and adhered to as “weak,” takes food myth busting to perhaps its ultimate level.

 That is what Dr. Aaron Carroll, author of “The Bad Food Bible: How and Why to Eat Sinfully,” believes, and goes as far to say that we can and should eat whatever the hell we want without much worry.
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In an interview with NPR, Carroll explained himself, saying that a lot of nutritional studies are based on animals, and the best we can conclude about them is that there are some “associations.” He thinks nothing is concrete, however, and that foods we deem unhealthy, are done so unfairly.

YES! This is my kind of bible right here, I need to go shake this doctors hand for spreading the good word.

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