News – “FIVE COOKBOOKS EVERY HIP HOP FAN SHOULD OWN” – Hip Hop’s relationship with food seems to be well documented these days.  Between Instagram posts from our favorite MCs and TV shows like Action Bronson’s F**k That’s Delicious on VICE, it’s clear that rappers LOVE to show off their culinary enthusiasm.  But, a few of them have decided to take it a step further than a few square pasta pics on IG and try their hands at creating cookbooks.

Here are five of our favorite hip hop cookbooks that you need to have in your collection before dinner time tonight.

Cookbooks - 2 Chainz


Our history with 2 Chainz and his food game go back pretty far.  He was the FIRST guest we ever had on our web show ATL Bite Life back in 2012.  It was during that conversation that we learned just how deep his appreciation for good food goes.  This cookbook takes us a little deeper.  In this 28-page recipe guide, Deuce shares some of his favorite dishes along with his sly humor straight from the road.  You won’t find this on Amazon though.  This cookbook came as part of the Deluxe version of his second album, B.O.A.T.S. II: #MeTime.  So, no record, no recipes.


Cookbooks - Rapper's Delight

2. RAPPER’S DELIGHT: THE HIP HOP COOKBOOK (by Joseph Inniss, Ralph Miller & Peter Stadden)

Named after one of the greatest seminal rap records of all time, this book is for true Hip Hop foodies.  Inside, you’ll find 30 recipes paired with a piece of artwork.  And, as an homage to DJ culture, each recipe includes a BPM (beats per minute) rating to show the level of difficulty.

I highly recommend the Action Bronson cookbook, it’s insightful and of course hilarious. I’m working on a review of it, I think I should have it done in a week or so for the grubbers.


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