News – “Food World Things That Are Actually Good” – I don’t know about you, but I feel like I spent so much time and energy last year, especially towards the end of the year, focused on the things that made me mad — calling out the bad guys, trying to be inclusive of those left behind — in food journalism and the restaurant world, that I didn’t leave enough room in my head for feelings beyond anger and self-righteousness and doubt.

There are serious stories in this industry. There are serious issuesBut what’s so great about our publication and the food world at large is that there is also so much joy to be had in it. There are ice cream sundaes and glamorous steakhouses and ugh I’m so cheesy, but there are legionsof people who just want to make others happy through food.

So here, fresh into 2018, a list of joyful things. We might as well enjoy them before nuclear winter:

  1. Gabrielle Hamilton’s New York Times Magazine column
  2. Mimi Sheraton’s and Chrissy Teigen’s tweets
  3. These blue benches at this new restaurant in Denver
  4. The black forest cake at Rudy’s (which I ate on my birthday recently)
  5. Camille Becerra’s Instagram stories
  6. Tejal Rao’s everything, but definitely this piece about cakes
  7. These candy makers in Toronto

Thank you kindly Eater for this dope compilation of food related news, have at it grubbin fam!

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