JG Original: #TBT Eagles Chunky Soup

In honor of the Eagles divisional playoff game against the Falcons Saturday, this weeks throwback Thursday is dedicated to Donovan McNabb (ohhhh McNabb smh) and his famous Chunky Soup commercials from the early 2000’s with Mama McNabb. His mom didn’t always play the role though as stated by Time.com:

More important than the quality of any of one of these commercials is the moral principle they established: Thou shalt not use fake moms! In the first iterations of this well-known campaign, an actress played the Philly QB’s mother. Soon enough, the real Mrs. Donovan’s Mom opined that she could handle the role, paving the way for brief-but-brilliant soup-pitching careers of many other NFL mothers. The campaign ended in 2008, but a grateful world has not forgotten.

Salute to you and catchy ass marketing campaign Campbell’s, because even people who didn’t watch football knew that Chunky Soup=Donovan Mcnabb….. also gave us some hilarious “throwing up soup while the game is on the line” super bowl jokes.

Image result for salute gif

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