News – “10% of Amazon’s workforce in Ohio is on food stamps, report says” – In recent years, Amazon (AMZN) has vastly become one of Ohio’s largest employers, hiring more than 6,000 workers with thousands more jobs expected as the online retail giant adds three additional warehouses.

The only problem is, according to a new report, is despite the increase in jobs, many of Amazon’s workforce in Ohio is still reliant on food stamps.

According to the progressive policy group Policy Matters Ohio, as of August, Amazon had 1,430 workers and their family members on food stamps, which is roughly 10% of its workforce.

However, overall, Amazon ranked 19th on a list of fifty large employers in the state that still has its employees receiving federal aid under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Oh come the fuck on Amazon, pay your damn employees a living wage….yes it’s good you’re hiring and all but….yea.

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