News – “Suburban restaurant in DoorDash lawsuit: Stop delivering our food”

chicagotribune.comA suburban Chicago restaurant filed a trademark infringement lawsuit Monday against DoorDash, alleging the California-based online delivery service used its logo and sold its food without permission.

Burger Antics, a 5-year-old Brookfield restaurant featuring locally sourced meat and exotic toppings, never authorized DoorDash to post its menu or deliver its food, according to the lawsuit, filed in federal court in Chicago. Husband-and-wife owners Dan and Brenna Velcich learned their restaurant was on DoorDash from disgruntled customers.

“They started getting complaints from customers about getting cold food from the delivery service really late,” Terrence Buehler, a Chicago attorney representing Burger Antics, said Tuesday. “They have no delivery service and don’t want one.”

At first I was going to say “Their paying so who the hell cares” buuuutttt if they’re getting mad complaints then yea… something gotta change.

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