News – “Cleveland’s Sonia Steele wants to make your favorite soul food vegan” – “Cleveland is definitely a barbecue town,” Sonia “Vegan Vicki” Steele says, remembering the first time she served her soul food to the public at a local festival in 2015. Her vegan barbecue stand – where she sizzled up “ribs,” “pulled pork” and “brisket” – sold out in hours.

She doubled the food she prepared for her next pop-up at Larchmere’s vegan Poison Berry Bakery. After all, comfort food is about sharing the feast. Lines wrapped around the street for black beans, cole slaw and what she called “unpork sliders.”

“I always tell people I put love in my food; that’s what brings people back,” Steele says.

Since launching Urban Sweetness, Steele has turned her vegan soul food into a thriving business with pop-up events, classes and catering.

This is an interesting concept and salute to Sonia for this because lord knows its ingrained in African American culture to slather everything in butter and fry it up however those reasons are why I’m skeptical of this. I’d give it a try though, fuck it.

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