News – “YouTube Bans Cockroach-Eating Food Vlogger, While Logan Paul Remains Unpunished”

foodbeast.comYouTube has been under a microscope since letting daily vlogger Logan Paul post a video showing a dead body, and even promoting it on its homepage. They’ve been called out by popular YouTubers, saying Paul should have been banned in accordance to YouTube’s guidelines, and while Paul is taking a hiatus, it was not a break imposed by YouTube.

 Fast forward a few days later, and fellow YouTuber Kevin Strahle AKA L.A. Beast received a three month livestream ban after eating a dead cockroach.
L.A. Beast is known for his iron stomach, once taking down 13 ghost chilies in one sitting, and even eating a live cockroach back in 2013. While gross, this is kind of his thing.
Sure, that might have toed the line of YouTube’s posting guidelines, but now the video Website is being questioned for Strahle’s ban, while Logan Paul got off scot-free.

This is a real 2018 ass story and I don’t know why my man feels the need to eat the shit he eats but c’mon YouTube. You can’t ban homeboy and then allow some of the shit you allow in the comment sections fly by unscathed. Again though…why you eating cockroaches bruh

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