News – “Doctors Warn Against New Laundry Pods Eating ‘Challenge’”

mb.ntd.tvA new social media trend where teens are seen eating laundry detergent pods is worrying doctors.

The trend which started as a social media joke where memes feature photos showing laundry pods as pizza toppings or breakfast cereal, reported ABC15. The “challenge” then evolved into someone biting or consuming the detergent pods then spitting it out.

Medical experts are warning against the trend as the consequences of consuming the detergent packets are dire.

Banner Health toxicologist Dr. Frank LoVecchio told ABC15 that the intentional consumption of the packets is concerning. He added that the chemical in the pods can burn your mouth, lips, and esophagus if ingested. But there is also another concern.

Like… come the fuck on man… I know we did a lot of stupid things back in our day… but eating laundry pods?! SMFH

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