News – “The 19 Most Anticipated Restaurants of 2018: Winter-Spring Edition”

eater.comAaron Franklin is working on a new barbecue joint in partnership with one of the most popular restaurant groups in Austin. Dominique Crenn is cooking up a wine-fueled ode to French classics, as America’s renewed love affair with la cuisine Française continues apace.

2018 is shaping up to be a *great* restaurant year.

In these early days of the new year, some trends are emerging. Call it the Brock effect — or, you know, don’t — but several chefs are turning their attention to heirloom grains and vegetables, whether at Appalachian-cuisine evangelist Travis Milton’s Virginia meat-and-three or at the Japanese-meets-Italy project from Denver’s bona fide wheat nerd Kelly Whitaker. Legendary Arizona pizzaiolo Chris Bianco will plant his flag in Los Angeles, while Anthony Mangieri will make his grand return to New York City, promising a banner year for pizza. There’s more high-end Middle Eastern fare on the horizon in Los Angeles, which will also soon welcome several New York City imports, from a new Momofuku project to locations of Cosme and the Nomad.

Speaking of New York, like last season, the Big Apple is lagging when it comes to bold new openings. Certainly there are upcoming restaurants that will become easy favorites — like an all-day cafe from the Via Carota power duo Jody Williams and Rita Sodi — but, once again, New York is not where the dining public should cast its eye for risky, mind-bending new ways of doing things. And is it any surprise? The rents! They’re too damn high!

More delicious homework and I couldn’t be happier about it, definitely checking out the NY locations first and working my way from there.

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