News -“Weed Wine: Getting Buzzed Without the Hangover”

foodbeast.comEdibles? Not quite. Drinkables, more like it. And no, it’s not the nasty bong water your old frat brother convinced you to chug drunk. It’s wine. Pot wine to be more exact.

That’s right. What if I tell you, you can get tipsy without the dreadful hangover the next day? Think of how many Tylenols you can save!


If you’re still skeptical, let me throw out some fancy words for all you wine snobs out there. It’s sauvignon blanc. That citrusy, green-grape white wine from France. A THC-infused sauvignon blanc to be exact.

Booooyyyyyyy siiignnn me the hell up right NOW! No but seriously though… I’m going to need a Cali grubber to send me a bottle of this… for research purposes

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