News – “T.J. Maxx Low-Key Has Massive 3-Foot Tall, 22-Pound Bags Of Chocolate”

foodbeast.comYou can find a lot of things at T.J. Maxx — mostly clothes on the floor — but one thing you probably would have never guessed to find at the store, is ridiculously giant bags of candy, ones that are literally the size of an infant.

If that didn’t paint the picture well enough, Reddit user joycieejuice posted a photo of her giant bag of ChocXO organic dark chocolate minis, with her dad (at 5-foot-7) standing behind it for scale.


No, it’s not a camera trick, or Photoshop, these are legit bags of candy that tip the scales at 22 pounds, and contain 2,000 squares of organic, gluten free, 56 percent dark chocolate.


The ChocXO site says the bags go for $325, but we’re talking about T.J. Maxx, so they hit you with the bargain store hookup price of $120, according to the Reddit user.

HAHAHA HOLY SWEET BABY JESUS. I, for one, would never, EVER spend money on a huuuuge bag of chocolate, let alone a regular sized chocolate bar. For me chocolate just doesn’t get my dick up, like it does for most people. If this was a big ass bag of sour patch kid watermelons, I just went from 6 to midnight just thinking about that, IM ALL IN. But for you chocolate fiends TJ MAXX has your fix. 

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