News – “Guy Drives Over 100 Hours To Buy 1 Snickers From Every Walmart in North Carolina” – If it feels like Walmart is everywhere, it’s because Walmart is everywhere. With over 5,000 stores countrywide, there’s no questioning its power over the U.S. market.



 One thing we can question, though, is why this guy decided to drive through all of North Carolina to buy a Snickers bar at over 100 different Walmart stores.
 Jimmy Donaldson, AKA Mr. Beast on YouTube, decided to embark on a journey that saw him take road trip to 117 Walmarts, with over 100 hours of driving, just so he can collect a Snickers bar from each. Well, he never actually says how many he went to, but according to Google Maps, there are 117 Walmarts in North Carolina.
 Donaldson did face some challenges, mostly from managers not letting him film in the Walmarts, but he did it, and collected a hell of a lot of Snickers.

Congrats I suppose? That’s a lot of damn Snickers and this is coming from someone who LOVES Snickers….sheesh


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