News – “NY State Fair food inspections: 61 vendors cited in 2017 for things that can cause illness” – State health inspectors found more than 100 critical violations by 61 food vendors at the 2017 New York State Fair, records show.

The state provided a list of violations in response to a Freedom of Information request by

The state health department investigated two consumer complaints of illness during the fair, but they were unsubstantiated, staff said.

Critical violations relate directly to factors that could lead to food-borne illnesses. They generally involve the food condition or source, cooking and storage temperatures, sanitary practices of food workers, water and sewage, pest contamination and use of toxic materials, according to health department staff.

The health department also found 371 non-critical violations, which do not directly relate to illness but could negatively affect the operation of the restaurant.

The violations listed below are critical. The description for each violation is a recitation of the law, not the inspector’s field notes about the specific incident

Several vendors were cited under a section of law that mentions food from unapproved sources. Generally, that means, for example, beef came from a source that was not approved by the USDA. However, that section of law is also used when foods are found to be contaminated or are stored in a way that subjects them to contamination. In the cases below, the vendors were cited because of cross-contamination and foods found to be contaminated by unclean equipment, staff said.

I just assumed at these kind of events there would be some sort of health code violations but this number seems a tad high…and since the JG team plans on being all over in 2018, I’m really going to need ya’ll to get your shit together NY state fair.

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