News – “9 celebrities reveal their surprising fast food orders”

thisisinsider.comAlthough it may seem like every celebrity eats only greens and chef-prepared meals, there are a number of stars — from Selena Gomez to Kim Kardashian — who aren’t afraid to indulge in fast food every once in a while.

In at least one way, celebs ARE just like us: they have their favorite fast food treats. We rounded some of our favorite celebrities and their favorite fast food indulgences.

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Selena Gomez appreciates a good Happy Meal.

She isn’t shy about her love of fries and tacos.
 Jeff Spicer/Getty Images/Joanna Fantozzi

In a LOL-worthy Instagram video from 2016, Gomez eats a cheeseburger from McDonald’s while dead-panning to the camera that she also had a happy meal “last week.”

The “Bad Liar” singer also had Jack in the Box tacos in lieu of a cake for her birthday in 2013, writing on Instagram: “My cake was … Jack n the box tacos … Yes.”

I have a new appreciation for a bunch of celebs on this list but damn, Queen B just flexed on everyone by pairing her Champagne with a double double

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