News – “America’s fast-food chains are contemplating replacing minimum wage workers with robots — and it could lead to a crisis” – Minimum wage increases are sending shock waves across the fast-food industry. 

On Tuesday, Jack in the Box’s CEO said the fast-food chain is considering swapping some cashiers with robots as the minimum wage rises in California.

“As we see the rising costs of labor, it just makes sense” to consider adding new automated technology, CEO Leonard Comma said Tuesday at the ICR Conference.

Jack in the Box previously tested technology such as kiosks, and found they resulted in a higher average check and helped with efficiency. However, Comma said, installing the kiosks was too great of a financial investment — at least until now, as minimum wages are rising. 

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Jack in the Box wasn’t the only fast-food chain to announce it was considering cutting employees as minimum wages increase. 


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