News – “Country Singer Warns Taco Bell Not to Joke About the Illuminati” – Last month, Taco Bell rolled out a series of ads featuring the “Belluminati,” a fictional organization that pokes direct fun at, uh, another mythical, all-powerful entity: the Illuminati.

“Is it the Illuminati or the Belluminati?” a narrator asks ominously in one commercial. The ads promote the fast food chain’s vast array of menu items that’d been marked down to $1 each, from cheese- and beef-stuffed “stackers” to caramel apple empanadas.


Country singer Charlie Daniels, an octogenarian who’s also got quite a lively Twitter presence, would like Taco Bell to know that it’s foolish to speak about the Illuminati so glibly. After all, they could be watching. 

Charlie needs to put down the whiskey and settle down…the illuminati isn’t worried about Taco Bell. They have other things to worry about man, like preparing Jay-z and Beyoncé’s little ones to take over the world.

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