News – “Diet Coke’s Major Rebrand Is A Feeble Attempt To Challenge LaCroix”

foodbeast.comA major Diet Coke rebrand is underway. Coca-Cola has forgone the traditional can appearance for a more sleek design with simple branding and vibrant colors to match up with their new exotic and botanical flavors. Sound familiar? That’s because that description also matches the imagery of one of their fast-growing rivals: LaCroix.

diet coke rebrandPhoto courtesy of the Coca-Cola Company

With a promise that their quality (and formula) is not changing, Diet Coke is introducing four new flavors into the fold: “Feisty Cherry,” “Blood Orange,” “Ginger Lime,” and “Twisted Mango.” These are clearly flavors along the same lines as those of LaCroix, who dominates the sparkling water shelves with tropical and effervescent flavors like Pamplemousse (grapefruit) and Tangerine.

Yeaaaaa I have to agree, the similarities are there and to crazy to be a coincidence  

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